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Across the United States, an approximate 250,000 students have gone fully digital, forgoing traditional brick and mortar schools for the cyber option. According to the Evergreen Education Group, which works primarily with cyber institutions, this reflects a 40% rise in student enrollment over the last three years.

For the team at QDA, growth in education isn’t just part of the mission statement, it’s a physical reality.

Founded in 2003, the increasing interest in the world of cyber education has motivated QDA to continually adapt to meet the tide of students and families who are turning to the digital realm as an alternative to brick and mortar institutions. What began as a small, single office operation in New Philadelphia, Ohio, has expanded to multiple locations across the state. With offices in Berlin, East Liverpool, Steubenville, and a team constantly hosting enrollment seminars across the state, QDA has increased their presence to make sure potential students know that they have options in choosing their education.

The principles of the school, as instituted by its CEO, Dr. Richard Varrati, suggest that a student’s school should be “made of choices, not bricks.” To this end, QDA constantly seeks to provide new opportunities to those enrolled, providing individual attention that may not always be available in the shuffle of a classroom. Whereas a student at a brick and mortar school has a group of classmates with which to vie for attention, each individual enrolled in QDA is assigned an Instructional Supervisor (otherwise referred to as an “IS”) that serves as a main point of contact for the student and their family. The IS handles all school related issues for the students, and keeps in regular contact to ensure success in their studies. Furthermore, each student’s education is tailor-made for the individual. QDA is fully aware that what helps one person learn may not work for the next, and so forth, so rather than have one strict set of curriculum; the company has invested in providing options. Offering a selection of cutting edge, state-approved curriculum, QDA is able to create a personalized learning path that fits the needs of the individual.

With the ever-rising number of students turning to cyber education, QDA has more than proven it is ready to meet the challenges of the shifting landscape and the needs of those enrolled. QDA’s growth mirrors that of the changing world, and reflects the need for students to be able to choose their own education and find their own way to success. 

Ohio students under the age of 22 can enroll at QDA at no cost. QDA accepts enrollment applications throughout the year. Contact us today to learn more!

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